February 3, 2008

My new Gadget

Right after thanksgiving day last year, my hubby bought my very first laptop. Its a Sony Vaio. Not the very current or newly updated version but it has a some bigger capacity to use for what I love doing such as editing photos and creating movies. It took him time to search on what could be accessible for me and easy to use. He asked me on what certain functions I would need, and mind to tell you I am no computer savvy so it will just be fine. All I need is a little of bit power and more memory I could use the thing just fine.

When I traveled to Hongkong recently, at Causeway bay while looking for something. I was hitched by a shop and looked around for cellphones. I am too far behind on what's the latest on phones. The US market on phones are not very much on my taste. There is only one that I like and that's the Apple Iphone and for me I don't want to spend much on that alone. I tried not to liking to buy it and never did.

So I came across to see this small very light phone Nokia 5310. It's just like mp3. I begun to like it. I didn't buy it when I saw it because I was in between looking for another type until on the last day at the airport before I left going to Cebu. I stopped at a shop there and bought the phone.

Right now, I just opened it up and still looking into it's function. This will be my phone for years eheheh. I am not a gadget freak but once in a while it's good to have the latest thing.

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