March 8, 2008

Hunts Pork & Beans

I had a dinner with my husband outside. We had both barbecue ribs with some salad, and side of baked potato, rice pilaf and baked beans. The latter made me think my childhood fond memories. The house that I grow up is just at the back of my grandparent’s house. It used be to a 3 door apartment. As a kid, I would love to visit my folks all the time especially they have this small grocery store. That time we called it ‘Sari-sari’ store. I gave them a hand at the store and rewarded me with food instead of candies or money.

If I was asked what my preference, Hunts pork & beans. Sound familiar or maybe not. If you are not from Asia, it is like Campbell’s brand. The taste is a bit different and I better like Hunts. Recently, my vacation trip in Asia got me to have my old time favorite. In Hongkong at the corner right next to the hotel where I stayed, there is a restaurant called Frying pan. It is at the 3rd floor. I had it every day and I can always remember how I loved it.

It is so good to recall back the memories. The bad thing was I forgot to bring some here in the US. I bought some when I had my chance in Cebu. Unluckily with the bad planning, it was left behind. Oh well, I hope I can stocked some if I could go back again.


Anonymous said...

Hello roche, bisita lang diri, i love hunts pork and beans, haha gutomon sad ta ani:)


thanks for the visit Bel..ako lagi ning faborito.

Lulu said...

yummy dai, gigutom noon ko dah