March 9, 2008

Ordinary Sunday

It's sunday, a time to go to church, hear mass and eat after. But it's not what happen today. I was kind of lazy to go out. My hubby was asking me earlier this morning on what will I do. I replied with silence. Meaning, I don't have anything plan so nothing to say.

In the afternoon, did some bills checking on back accounts. I always like to check what's in savings or what other bills to pay. I am very cautious of late payments. I want everything in place. I am dealing with 3 household bills so just imagine the bills that are coming every month. It must be nice if the bills will come at once so issuing checks and meeting deadlines will be altogether but it's not. I have to check my mailbox twice a week and update my excel spreadsheet. There's no room for being tardy.

Past 3pm took a shower dressed up and decide to just go to the mall. Hubby and I went to Great Mall in Milpitas. He bought a pair of nike and I didn't have the urgency of buying something. Unusual? No. I am not an impulsive buyer. When I want something it's plan ahead of time. Today, I don't have anything plan so I didn't buy something for myself. Maybe in a day or two, my mind might change.

Before 6pm arrived at home, preparing clothes for tomorrow and talked to my brother in PI. I am happy everyone is doing fine back home. I hope luck will come along good for the rest of my family and it will continue to move on. As for me, I hope I could find my luck this year too. I want something to change sooner or maybe later but definitely I want to do something different.
Nothing much of a sunday, but it's a little bit different than the other days.


Anonymous said...

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bunso said...

for me its special day!but i cant make it to go to church...