March 12, 2008

Another Slow Day

I am right now at the job trying to stay awake. The daylight saving time makes me adjust my hours so bad. I am slow and my eyes are always tired. Since the time is move ahead for an hour. My sleeping hours is lagged for an hour. Adjusting makes it difficult. I hope I can get it over soon.

I feel so bored here at the job. It’s a routine job I do it 39.5 hours a week. At first I was scared accepting the offer but I thought that this can be a way to learn new skills. I am not fun of conversing all the time to people and this job would let me do it whether I like it or not. It’s just what that job is. So eventually I did. I am now at my 8 months still no changes on career wise but improving. I have to stop my thoughts right here, the phone is ringing and it needs my attention. Until next time or some couple of hours, I will be right back.

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