March 13, 2008

Company down

It's another surprise day for me to have a one-on-one talk with the director. She's the boss of my boss. She's really a good director, know a lot of things and very capable of doing everything. The reason for the talk was that she let me know how the company is doing right now. It is not so good I should say and not so good for me since I am just very new to the company. She explained to me how things are doing now and I do certainly agree that we are too slow and generating income is not too likely. Our company is a non-profit. Majority of the funds are coming from the government and my boss had told me prior to this day that they were already cutting some finances to the company. It could lead us short and we must find other means to generate more. But sad to say, with the past months everything is a downfall. The thing they could keep up the expenses is to either lay off some jobs.

She discussed to me how my performance at work is. She believed so much on my capabilities. I am overqualified to the job but they hired me because I have the potential that I can be an asset to the company. They keep me after my contract expired from the agency for the reason that I am likable to work with and I have so much to give. I told her that I am very appreciative of the company and the people I am working with. The thing that just bugged me and I told her about it is I am bored with the line of job I am doing which she understand. With the resume that I had posted online, she's not very much touched with that but of course she's willing to give her support on my career goals. She requested that if ever I could land another job, I will give her notice which of course I will. I don't want to end up my ties with an abrupt exit. It is too rude and I respect them so much.

I am torn and felt satisfied that even though I just work for some couple of months to the company. I am gratified with their comments on the work I am doing and how well-like I am to all. It is good to know you are appreciated.


ring-my-Belle said...

sorry to hear that Roche. haay.. na unsa naman ning ekonomiya diri sa america oi ning down na jud! kami pod diri sa kompanya nga akong gi trabahuan, nag lay off pod.. ngita nalang pod ko laing trabaho ani.


Its really getting bad. Though I am not advice to quit pero I feel like there will be lay offs sa amo department soon and I must take into consideration na new pa ko ako jud mauna ani...ngita lagi ko lain.

Lulu said...

good luck dai sa job hunting