March 14, 2008

A twist

I was on a float yesterday towards my boss and others. For 2 days, working makes me very conscious and I don't feel at ease. Today somewhat has changed in little ways. My boss came to work at the same time when I logged in. It was too awkward to see and talk to him. So I just tried to focus on my work and did whatever needs to be done. I was just glad the phone keeps on ringing it put my trouble thoughts away.

At 11am Liz, handed me an IHOP brochure. It's my boss treat for breakfast but I already had so I go for lunch and I ordered Philly Cheesesteak. When Liz brought in the food several minutes past, we altogether ate. He wanted to spend time with me and Liz. That is good. He values my friendship and he doesn't want me to go find somewhere else looking around for another company. It was nice to feel you are valued as an employee and as a person.

Later in the afternoon, he sent me an email. He again expressed his worries on me and he really stretched and emphasized that whatever I want to do with my job to make it more pleasing to work and what he must need to do to prove to me that his a good manager. How good that could sound to you?

He said in his email that he didn't want to scare me about the lay offs and he didn't mean to corner me when he saw my resume online. He is just too concern I guess that if I leave he can never find a person like me on that position and who cares about the company and the rest of the people. I feel glad I have an importance.

Right now I am safe and able to work with them. I just hope they will continue to grow fond of me and that they will also give me other duties that I could excel on and be proud of.


Anonymous said...

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Lulu said...

that is nice to hear dai. lami gyud ang feeling dai noh nga e value atong importance sa work bah noh. imo na sad ron adlaw libre food sa work dah. hehehe


lagi dai, surprise kayo that his working on a Friday and gi treat kog food. I like my boss basta di na sya ma stress. when his stressed out, makalagot heheeh!