March 29, 2008

Learning Photoshop

It is my love to edit photos and just make anything out from an ordinary picture to something. I am not an expert and basically just a beginner amateur aspiring to become better in the days ahead. Most of todays activity I was installing my software and getting to familiarize all of its content. I am not very used to it since my old time favorite software I am using is Adobe Photodeluxe. The photoshop is a very powerful tool and its a costly software. I want to make used to it someday and hopefully I can make an income out from it. So for now, my focus is to learn each of its function. As part of my learning experience today. I had made a gif. You all know how lovely it is to see most of those moving pics and today I finally made one for myself.

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maya said...

you look so kikay here.. nothing bad ok. i like your facial expression.