March 30, 2008

Digital reading

This will be a 3 day at home, can you imagine that? I think I haven’t gone out a bit. Perhaps I really did not. Oh geez! Anyway, all I did today was just exploring the software programs I acquired. Studying some, looking up some video tutorial from Youtube but still my mind is perplexed with how sophisticated it is. I am bewildered on its complexities. I don’t even know where to start. I thought I can easily grasp it at once but now it’s too confusing. I need to study more with its contents. This will take me forever I guess since I am no digital imaging talent. But for my own pleasure and satisfaction I will used this for some basic formatting. Once I get the hang of it, I will proceed to explore more.

Now I am realizing why those people who design websites and digital effects in movies got a higher pay these days. They are just so cool people and intuitive. I don’t wish to be like them for there’s no way I can be one. It requires time and schooling. I don’t have that time and talent. All I just want to fulfill is to make a little bit professional looking movies from the amateur videos that I have. For now that could be it, I can achieve my satisfaction.

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