March 31, 2008

Stomach Upset

Here I go again feeling sick. I felt it in the afternoon yesterday while I was at DSW store accompanying my hubby to shop some shoes. The first plan was to get one for myself too but I wasn't because I couldn't focus on what kind will I get plus I feel like bloating. I kept on walking the store thinking it could help me a bit I got worse. I received a text from Ji-ann prior to that inviting me and hubby for dinner at her house. I could have did that as well if my system wasn't messed up. We had to stop short in Blockbuster to look for some movies and head straight home.

Today, I didn't feel good. I barely sleep and so I was tired. I forcedly get out of bed at 6am to call the office and left a message over the voicemail. I had fallen asleep after that. At past 9 after my hubby bid goodbye, I log in and sent an email to my boss as to what my current condition was. He was ok that I didn't report to work. I then ate some bread and drink medicine after. I just have my rest the entire day, did some browsing and watched Tv.


lira said...

hmmnn...oks na ba ngaun?


Im good na girl thanks for the concern