March 15, 2008

My friends baby party

Ji-ann left a voicemail and returned her call after 12:30pm. I decided to pick her up at her place and droved to Joy's party. Almost 2pm we were there. See familiar faces and had a great time with the never ending talk and laughter. Pictures were not surely missed and it's always part of our thing. The host of the party is Joy & Richard and baby Nathan is celebrating his 2nd year. The food was great ordered from Goldilocks. It was delicious.

I had a great time with my friends and it is so wonderful to have them in my life. I might not often see them as I would like to. But every get together was a blast with them. It is so much enjoyable to know them and would keep them forever.

I am so tired at this hour and my eyes are falling to sleep. I will post more pics or give links later. Until then.

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