March 16, 2008

A Victory for Pacquiao

I attended baby Nathan's party at 2pm and Suzzy was asking to come and join the fun for Pacquiao's fight later. I was kind of undecided since Joey wasn't too sure about it. I know he loves to watch boxing and it's the only sports game he can barely to watch and interested. I asked him some couple of hours past until he told me that he will just gonna pick me up later when he left the party.

Ji-ann and Myrabel opened up the idea to come to Suzzy's place. I called Joey and told him about it and his no doubt agree and will just meet up at Suzzy's. So we went there, ate some good food, get stomach full, talk and laugh all our heart out and it was a good party for all of us. The fight started at 8pm and I was kind praying of only one thing. I wished that time that Pacquiao would not fell down at least. I don't care if he loose the fight as long as he will not fall down.

With those 12 rounds, I am too anxious, nervous and too excited. My husband at times would "hush" me. It meant to stop making noise. I couldn't help it. It was just making me excited. I was glad I had stayed for 12 rounds and happy he won.

I took some video but my hands were shaking not because I am excited it's because it was cold and chilly. Just bare with my footage...

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maya said...

Wow,didnt watch this one.Thanks for your footage.