March 22, 2008

A New Design

With my mind that is too occupied to the problem I had faced, I came up to study more on the design on my page. I kept myself busy reading all day, back and forth checking my lay out and it was a non-stop thing. Constant editing and I am happy with the outcome. It's still under construction but majority of the design is pretty much on an average of my choice.

I had helped my friend Mia & Lyn to make their website into a 3 column and both are happy I offered some help. It is really good to share what you know. I am not the kind of person who is too selfish but as long as I have the time and I am in the mood.

Well guys hope you like my page and continue to visit me here.

1 comment:

lyn said...

Hi ya, thanks for your help I finally did it. I did it this morning while AJ was still sleeping. I went to the website that you gave to me. Now Im so addicted to it