March 26, 2008

Some task

I tried hard to make myself busy at work though I felt so sleepy. I visit my boss at his office for another talk and ask if he needs my help. He asked me whether I am already decided on what will I like to do that I think can be of help to the office and told him about having the responsibility to take payments from car donations. He said it’s a good idea to be the second person to auto donation and he will teach me how soon.

He gave me another task today to send a congratulations letter for 10 people who won for the clothing drive of the whole organization. So I need to do it fast and easy. He told me if I will be using mail merge. I went blank but told him no. I just do it conventionally with excel or manually do it by MS Word. He offered some help to teach me how. I am thrilled to new about it. Both of us are learning the ways on how to do it in MS 2007. New format and new lay out. It was a good thing to have him with me working.

After I did my work and satisfied my boss at the job, I went food shopping. I went to Saversmart in Kiely. It’s just few minutes away from home. It took like 30minutes to do some little shopping and came home to do some chores.

Right now, I am waiting for hubby to get us some food. We will have some pizza for tonight. I didn’t cook tonight as I thought I could do it but my being lazy got me into a trapped. Hubby is flexible and pizza from Vito’s is not a problem. It’s a New York style and we both love it. Until then, catch you up later.

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