April 9, 2008

Digital Obsession

For weeks now, my mind is thinking about how to make a cool banner. I read so many tutorial online but not the kind of tutorial that I really want. It is because I am just a starter of knowing its technical stuff that hearing all the terms was overwhelming. I am still at the moment of confusion to the terms, functions and I don't know yet the technique. I already have a set of banner I wanted to create but when I tried to make one, it doesn't let me do it. I only accomplished making so far was the gif. I learned some parts of animation but just the very basic.

My readings is not enough and I need something like perhaps a book that could teach me from the very basic to complex examples. The sample tutorial online is just like a teaser to me. There are more things to learn and navigate. I hope one day I could get my goal straight up and can learn great things out from it.


lyn said...

Basta hilig nimo ya ma master gyud na nimo ako dali rako sapoton heeheheh

Roche said...

hilig jud ni nako ya pero kani na butanga gakamang pa ko ani. eheheh! will need more time to know jud. matiguwang nalang siguro ko usa pa kahimo eheheh!tiguwang na ra ba.