April 8, 2008

Overly Sensitive

I have a dilemma over my skin. I thought puberty will just be a passing time for all of us but I guess it seems the sign of it like body change and skin abnormalities still do exist for me. Tracing on my brothers history, they did have all the change when reaching at their teens and subside down all those hormonal change but for me until now it's never ending. Is it because I was a blue baby, my blood does have some effect to that? I really wonder until now why I am very sensitive.

I would give you an example as to why I would say sensitive. Eating eggs, do you think people has some allergy on that? I do. Can you just imagine that? How about chicken? As well I do. I don't know how come but I tested it myself not eating and avoiding it, it makes a lot of difference. Only thought at times, I got tired of eating red meat I simply can't resist. I love chicken, and its a torture not enjoying to it with no precaution.

Problem with me at most times is to which product can be good and best for me. I had even this incident with my dermatologists here in Fremont and his name is Dr. Carmel. His a very good doctor but he was surprised on how sensitive I was. I supposed to get a clinical test over a medicine. Somehow it trigger to make me itch and red all over my face. They ended up paying all the fees until I get healed. So I was just advised to use the product that I am currently using and never to experiment with no caution. But hardheaded as I was, I tried proactive last year just to see how it will affect me. Nothing, I cancel my membership a few months ago. Right now just use Clearasil over the affected areas that somehow can heal in some time.

For make up, of course all of us wanted to have one in our own. Still at this point, testing some products. Over the grocery product doesn't work for me. I guess the only thing is better for my skin is Maybelline. Not all of its product only some. Now, I am considering buying bare minerals. I will cross fingers to its effect.

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