April 7, 2008

Monthly Symptoms

This would apply only to female and can only relate to them. What are your symptoms or signs when you will have your monthly period comes? Do you have headaches, pain in the breasts, bruises, good appetite, swing moods, pimples, and bulging stomach? As for my own, I know that my period will arrive in a week when I have bruises on my legs or my skin is very sensitive. Getting severe headache is the most part I hated the most. I need to take something.

When the period comes, I don't feel anything except I feel my bones are too weak. Though my mood is very sensitive, I don't feel like talking nor not very appealing. I will avoid getting to make interrogations especially to hubby. I will or might raise my voice if there's something that can flare me up. Nothing serious to get scared though. Just plain ordinary symptoms that happen every month to get used to.


lyn said...

pareha gyud ta ya, mora kog buntis kay lami kaayo ikaon unya mag morning sickness ko unya ug daghan pa sakit sakit akung bation dili gud ko ganahan basta nana akung period

Anonymous said...

I eat a lot of sweets and sensitive gyapon kau, headache sometimes too. Glad to know the same ra halos d i:)