April 27, 2008


Almost 3 years now I have lived here in the bay area. The very first year getting touch personally with a person wasn't attained but as it went on I've learned to join friendly website where I correspond with so many people around the world. I came across with few sites and I started build friendship from there and it made me to met wonderful people.

Right now maybe I could only count my trusted friends and I am so happy that these people are part of my life. I guess without having to know them it would make my life different today. The friendships I build is not only by how many times I hang out with them but how I make to correspond with them either by phone, email, chat, and responding to blogging site. It is so nice to know lots of people with different interests, likes and dislikes. Everyone is unique in its own ways.

In my words of saying it, "Treasure the friends you gained and reciprocate the friendships. It is a blessing and be glad they are a part of who you are."

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lyn said...

apil nako ani ya heheehehhe joke lang. thats nice to know nga naay kay manga friends gyud. important man pud ang amiga ba especially dinhi USA kay wala gyud tay family dinhi.