April 27, 2008

My Japanese Name

I just took this when Resebel told me to read this tag and it is so cool to know the meaning of the words she translated with hers. Mine is quite difficult to make it funny so I will just stick to the serious translation.

The rules goes like this: Add your name on the list and simply spell out your name in given Japanese translation. And tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Enjoy.

A - ka G - ji M - rin S - ari Y - fu
B - tu H - ri N - to T - chi Z - zi
C - mi I - ki O - mo U - do
D - te J - zu P - no V - ru
E - ku K - me Q - ke W - mei
F - lu L - ta R - shi X - na

Roche - Shimomiriku ( my own version .. "Sila mommy na dili pa ko." I can't come up with a funny situation. Will just hold on to this first until I can come up better. )

I am tagging Gina, Ness, Myrna, Mylou and Belle.



this is funny. thanks for visiting my son site http://mybelovedisaac.blogspot.com
ty oo nga salamat pala sa complement about my son. added ka sa site nya. see u. hope mo rin ang site nya.

ring-my-Belle said...

roche, thanks for tagging me. i will grab this tag later, okay? good night. tc!