April 29, 2008

Childhood memories

I grow up with 4 boys in the house. Their interest wasn’t the same as mine. I begun to learn their crafts but they’re very protective of me. Most of the times they don’t want me to join with them especially if it’s meanly for boys. It was irritating. I had only been the audience to their engagements. I was proud to be the sister of these boys because they’re very caring in some ways. We also have our own indifference but for the most part we get along.

So back with toys, since my environment is full of boys stuff. I haven’t got to play stuff toys or some girly stuff. I am deprived of having the toys that I want. Can you imagine that? Apart from not having the toys that I want, I always do take consideration of my parent’s budget. At a very young age I know what it looks like to be in budget of raising 5 children. It was a serious matter. I won’t push them to buy not even my brother’s did. We were forgiving to our parents. They discipline as very hard though but it was a good thing in our part. If not we could be so pretty mean people, hard headed and so forth.

At present, I can buy all the stuff that I want if I need to but I prefer not. It is just a thing it will perish in time. I don’t want them just as much as I want them when I was younger. My husband is too caring enough in some point he bought me smaller stuff animals. I told him about my experience as a child and he wanted me to have it but I don’t let him to. Rare occasion he will. At my job, my co-worker Liz gave me cute little stuff and put in my cube when she see’s something cute. I had lots of them now and it is very colorful to look at. I am pleased and it’s so good to have them.


lira said...

kaka-miss ang nakaraan...hay na lng!


I am just looking back where I was innocent and can be pleased with simple things.

hazelicious929 said...

correct! I miss my childhood days too...seems like there's no problem, all we have to do was eat and play!

snail said...

childhood is the best