May 2, 2008

A treat from Boss

It’s great to have a job though it could not be an ideal job for me. The economy is down hoping to get out of that. I don’t see it could get better soon for this kind of economy it will take years until to recover. Lots of lay offs and scarcity of employment we’re everywhere. It is better to be thankful of having a job and employed.

Administrative day was on April 21, my boss didn’t work that day so felt nothing of significance. I had greeted by our warehouse supervisor the following day and it felt good to being appreciated. So I didn’t expect anything. I just consider the day as an ordinary day. But then this week by Monday, I received an email from the boss. He said he will treat our admin group for lunch on Thursday that is the first of May. Actually, it was yesterday. We did have a group lunch out in Tomatina, an Italian restaurant with different sort of menu. I guess they have a good variety of choices. I ordered Pescatura. Ingredients include basil, pesto sauce, clams, mussels, wine sauce and other ingredients I don’t recall. It was just okay. I had a good time though with co-workers.

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hazelicious929 said...

Wow! that's good Roche... how nice naman your boss for treating all of you for lunch...