May 3, 2008

Hawaiian Theme

My friend's husband will have a party starting at 4 this afternoon. This will be a great party. Ji-ann told me several times that Charles wanted this event to be the party of the year. Both of them had prepared so much for this and some of my friends are helping them too. It was too bad last night I wasn't able to drop by at Ji-ann's place. It was planned already that I will be there but with personal reasons that I can't avoid I have to settle my own problem first.

Anyway, emotionally I am good and some misunderstandings were clarified I am good to go for the party this afternoon. It will be a cool one for the theme will be hawaiian. The last time I attended a party a luau was when I went to Hawaii for my husband's birthday that was Sept of 2005. It has been long. I am excited for the party and see my friends.


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magkita didto ya kay adto pud mi ni aj. ok c u there