April 23, 2008

Getting What You Want

How would you look or describe yourself? What type of clothes do you wear? A number of designs are a lot out there. The variety of clothes and accessories manufactured give us range of options from ordinary, cheap, quality and luxurious items. Everywhere you look people wear different kinds of trends. Fashion does change every season. It is great to buy new stuff but sometimes you might to take consideration of how things are going in your budget. People at times would get themselves obsessed of getting what they want. In some ways others could get into trouble burdening their family budget leading to financial constraint.

If you happen to watch Snapped on TV, which at most times I do. I had seen cases of women who were involved with murder. The predicament causes them to ruin their credit, many bills unpaid, repossession of property such as a house, a car and also make them to be shopaholic they can’t stop not to shop even if it’s not very necessary to buy. The only resort they could do is to kill someone over the insurance policy of a spouse, and also rubbery. It is a tragedy for me to see this kind of situation. How absurd isn’t it?

It is better to know where your limits are and how flexible it can be in your budget. You don't need to have something that others may have. It is not the end of the world that you must get it right away. If there's a way of getting it without no burden, go ahead and enjoy it. Be happy on what you have and don't get envy of others if you can't have what they have.

“We buy things we don’t need,

with money we don’t have,

to impress people we don’t like.”

– Mary Ellen Edmunds



good insight in your post. its true that some people live beyond their means. WE should think first before we spend. (we should spend Only for our needs and not our wants)


absolutely 100% agree with u Neth. thanks for visiting.

Lulu said...

good points of view dai

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