April 14, 2008

Missing Home

I don't frequently call home or I should say talk often to my mom in PI. I know most people do love to spend their time and engage so much effort to extend their greetings to loved ones. For me, the more I could spend time and calling the people that I loved, the more I could want myself to get back home and be with them. Not many people could handle that but for my own ways, this is how I deal with my loneliness.

Since I arrived here from my trip last February I only spoke once to my mom that was after valentines. You could count it, more than 2 months now. I had tried to call once a month and when I got the chance she was elsewhere did some errands and shopping. I just miss my mom's ways. She always feed me when she wanted me to accompany her with her shopping days and she knew that I always loved to be feed. A small fraction of being me. When I went home, Joey and I took her for a shopping spree which somehow had made her happy.

I am happy everyone is doing fine back home. I am just concerned with my mom's health. I hope she will gets better. I am afraid of her health not just her but my dad too. Both of them are sickly now and no one can really look after them. I have my brother Aldin living with them, but I can't guarantee so much on how much he can takes care of them. I wish distance isn't just a problem but anyway, someday will get closer with them again.

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Joy said...

awww-thats ok though..you have been home almost alot already-ako pa ani wla pa jud and im looking forward this year