April 15, 2008


Today, I came across with a possible donor complaining about my company’s mailing routes schedule. How would anyone complain on that? I would assume this lady just have her own ways getting what she wants. Part of her talk and was stressing on me was that, she’s a busy lady and putting items or preparing donations would take her like a month. I was thinking, how many crap does she collects in her house that it would take her forever to do it.

Our scheduling system will set every 2 weeks in certain areas. Whether you can put it out or not, we don’t oblige people to do it. It’s a freewill service and in fact it’s a free service. We don’t charge people getting rid of their stuff and we are mostly grateful for the people who work with us for the longest time patronizing our beliefs on helping people with disabilities.

It struck me both at the same time when she asked where the calls are at, whether we are from India or California. She threw phrases of words like I am stupid for not getting her information. Prior to that statement, I asked about her zip code so I can better look what our schedules are. She gave me an address which doesn’t co-relate in our system and so I asked her 3 times. When she had told me that I am stupid, I didn’t fight her back though I wish I had that call at home and I will punch her with how stupid she was. She gave me a wrong zip code and I told her that it was incorrect. She cool down a little bit but when I told her about our available schedules, she said it’s not going to work and just hang up on me. My blood is rising on that call. This is one of the many days I hate doing conversing with people who thinks they know everything. Apart from this I just have minimal calls of people who were mentally incapable.

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