April 11, 2008

Weather change

Do you notice how strange the weather this year is? It could be cold, chilly and a sudden heat in between. Today, while I was heading to work in the morning the suns up with a brighter sky. It had that cold freeze feeling. I turned on the heater and for me without it will make me sick.

I go to work with my hair wet so the cold weather could get much colder on me. I stay away already from using blow dryer this year. I started when I had visited the PI. With my hair damp and the cold weather, it freezes me up. My hands get cold and I always rub both my hands. Sometimes my boss would imitate my doing when sees me rubbing. Maybe he thinks I look cuter, I don’t know perhaps he just like to be noticed.

Anyway, I just feel that the weather today is peculiar. Cold chilly in the morning and this afternoon, it is like I am in the oven. When I got out from work, walking into my car I had smelled the heat. It touched my skin. I had the sense it won’t be so good for me. It did get into me. And now, I have a headache. I hated my health condition. There will be a day I am healthy and there will be a day I got so weak and sickly. Today is one of those days and I don’t really like it.

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