April 12, 2008

Can't help it

Days past and I have been thrilled browsing photoshop tutorial online. There are a lot of tutorial online. I had tried reading and following even simultaneously doing it while reading it. The articles posted doesn't give me so much information because as a beginner to photoshop there are many terminology I wasn't aware of. The new software I am using right now has more than what I can imagine and it is overpowering. The look itself and the content, there are a lot to learn. Going forward without knowing the basic had caused me problems.

So today, I still did try to locate some reading materials online until my hubby told me just to research some basic books so I can just start with it and not be so confused all the time with my new toy. He called it as my new toy since he know that I love photo editing. It's just one of my passion and I love doing it. I am not good and just even started learning about it so there's a big room for self improvement if I will be diligently keep on going to study and apply it to building a website which is a very complex thing for a project.

Anyway, I had some few books that I saw online at Barnes & Nobles and so I went there with hubby. I had spent a little bit time there scanning some books that I like but just bought 1 book for photoshop and 1 for premiere. I hope this materials can help me get and achieve my goals.


Bill & Gina said...

hi we added this site to our blog also take care.

Joy said...

hi ya- got a tagged for you!