May 11, 2008

Another strange dream

I had posted few weeks ago about having bad dreams. Just last night, it was very vivid to me what it was. In my dream, it happened at home in Cebu. Our place was renovated 5 years ago but in the dream it was the older house structure. I was sleeping in the living room where the sofa was few inches away from the windows and the entrance door. I was awaken by the smoke coming from the window and the door. I had felt that someone intentionally blowing smoke at me while I was sleeping. So I went outside to check. To my surprise, I saw this gigantic black hairy man holding a gigantic tobacco smoking every now and then. He was looking down at me. I was scared to death, went inside and spoke with my dad. He wanted to came outside to check with himself if I was telling the truth. I was scared not to let him do it but dad was braved he came outside. I followed him telling not to do it while I was shaking and screaming of fear.

Suddenly, I came to my senses where I've heard my husband asking me to wake up. I opened my eyes and it was a dream. He told me I was mourning. It was pretty scary for him to hear me that kind of a voice. He asked what I dreamed about. I told him I got another nightmare.

This morning when we were about to get up from bed. Husband hold me and asked me what happened last night. I told him the content of the dream. He said he doesn't want me to have that strange dreams again. I just don't know why it happened. But one thing for sure, I didn't say a prayer last night when I went to bed.

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