May 11, 2008

A taste for Dimsum

My husband and I went to Mountain View at Supercut to have our hair cut. Aurelia is our hair stylist and we were very at ease with her every time we visited her. She worked with Joe first then my turn. I talked to her to give me some little bangs and more layering on the front. She doesn't want to work on my back. She likes the way my hair is and she doesn't want to be blame when it doesn't work the way I visualize it. I took her advice and just have the back trim a bit. It took few minutes there for she's really good. She knows her craft well. That's why we are very confident to have our hair cuts in her branch.

It was after lunch when we got out. Hubby's stomach is grumbling. He asked what I am craving for. He thought about Mr. Fong in Foster City for Dimsum. It struck me. I was eager to go there again. The last time was 2 years ago and it had been a long time. When I went there one time. I didn't took any pictures and the good thing today, I brought my little camera. It made me smile and now finally I can take pictures of the surrounding. It is a very nice place there. The restaurant is the outer edge of the lake and a very upscale community across it.

The Dimsum is still good the way we had tasted it. One of our favorite Chinese restaurant. Here is the picture that I took today.

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