May 31, 2008

Craving for BBQ

I didn't post anything here but I did with my other blog about last night dinner. I was dizzy from the strawberry raspberry margarita I drank and full with the yummy half baby back ribs I ate. I was kind of slow to think on what to write. I just did write one on my other blog and i think it was a little off because I was not in focus. Anyway, I just want to let you know how good the barbecue was. I think Chili's is one that has good barbecue. I think it's next to Outbacks. I had difficulty finding a good barbecue here. It is not like in Philippines where a lot of restaurants offers the best barbecue or even just an ordinary barbecue stall in the streets like Larsian is really good. I miss to eat those tasteful pork on the stick in Cebu.

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