May 30, 2008

Lunch Date

It was over 3 weeks ago that I wanted to see Odette. My work schedule was canceled when we were supposed to have some get together so I told her another friday off. And, today is the day. I called her at 12noon letting her know that I am ready to go to her place. I left the house 15minutes after and took me 30 minutes to find her place.

She still skinny, pretty younger looking and petite the same features I am familiar of her. She toured me around her new place. There were still some little construction of a new room that they set for her step son. I met her step daughter Tony. We talked a lot and it's endless.

We went out to have lunch and I treated her at Buca de Beppo. I was looking for a new taste indeed a better choice. Though I was expecting more carbs on the entree but it was good. Close to the restaurant is the mall. We toured inside. I bought a dress at Macy's and sweatshirt at Aeropostale. It was great to have a friend to go for shopping. Not so tiring experience. I will see her again next time if time permits and when she's free as well.


Lulu said...

finally u bought a dress for the wedding dai. murag purse gyud ni sunod ang target. lol. apili nya ko ha. hehehe. wishiwisiwish. nice pud dai may kuyog ka nag shop, lingaw gyud


nakapalit najud ko dai. simple ra sya og gikapoy na pud kog sige pangita og lain. murag sakto nani. ambot si joey mouyon ba sya sa color pero dah oi gikapoy na jud ko...mayo gani may kuyog ko yesterday..another shopping for purse na pud dai later na og modako akong gi save sa blogging ehheh!