May 31, 2008

Under A Protection Program

Under a witness protection program gives a drastic change to the lives of people. The government helps these people to start their new life. They provide them a personal identity to use. The people who are in this position could get in difficult situation from having the freedom to do whatever he wants to than having a life that is controlled by people. Changing to a different persona requires time and they need to use what is provided to them without choice in limited time. With not much preference and when life is at stake, people need to change everything.

There is a new drama series that will telecast in USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight this June 1st. If you love drama, this is for you. All of us have it's own drama in life and this series might relate to you. Watch this new program tomorrow. Don’t you miss it!

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight


lira said...

astig imong video ba..

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Prily said...

Hello,passing by here through SS.Nice video here.Congrats!i am still thinking how to make one?hehehehe.

Hope to see you!ingatzzz!!!