May 31, 2008

My secret?

I was tagged again by my good friend Mia. I hope with this you will know me more in some little details.

My Foundation: I just recently use bare escentuals. It is so natural you don't feel like wearing any make up.

My Mascara: Maybelline but don't often use it. I usually scratch my eyes at times that I forgot that I am wearing eye make up. Just to keep away from embarrassment that I might forget, I don't wear them if possible.

My Blush: Victoria secret, bare escentuals and clinique. I sometimes mixed them.

My Day Cream: Godiva cream but I don't wear anything especially at work.

My Lipstick: I have L'oreal but just wear chapstick all the time.

My Essential Beauty Product: Biore for facial mask and strips, oats and honey for facial scrub if not lazy.

My favorite Make-up product: Mac and Clinique

My Perfume: Gucci, Victoria Secret, Baby Doll, and others I don't remember the brand.

My Nails: Just too simple, no color at all. Wearing color for days give my nails discoloration so I rather have them clean and bare.

My Feet: I don't care so much of my feet but I should need to watch it and do something about it. But it is still clean and bare.

My hands: I am lucky my hands are too small and soft. It's natural. I don't put anything except after shower I put some lotion. But as for washing the dishes with no machine, I need to use gloves or else I will have soap allergies.

Women I admire for their beauty: Ruffa Guttierez for the beauty, she's my idol.

Women with the best Sense of Style: Sara Jessica Parker, Carrie Underwood, Angelina Jolie, Charliza Theron and a lot more.

My ultimate dream: To be free from skin allergies and to have my own clothing line.

My favorite fashion Publication: Vogue


lyn said...

Pareha tag make up product ya


sige ra man kog change ya until napunta ko ani. pero rare ra ko mag butang kay sensitive ayo ko.