May 14, 2008

Summer is Here

It’s getting warmer day by day. Today as I went outside from work, I felt the heat. Going inside the car, it was like I am inside an oven 100F. It is still bearable but reading the weather forecast, it will reach 100’s in the days ahead. I wonder how will my head going to take it. I’m just hoping that it will not so dry. A little help of the wind breeze can soothe better. I pity for those people, who has no air condition in their place. Weather like this, it is a must. And as for me, I need it the most. Or else, my head will explode. I wish heat wave will not be so bad this year. I might not be able to take it. I am just glad that it’s already summer and I feel like being in Cebu.

It is time for the shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, big sun glasses, huge hats, flip flops, sun lotion, and of course water. Don’t get dehydrate in this time of season. It will be so nice to enjoy the weather like this. Make the most of the sunshine, the beach and the coolest people you will hang out with for it is fun and exciting. Enjoy yourself just like I am enjoying it now.


hazelicious929 said...

yes Roche, summer na jud! I can really feel it here, hehehe


action na jud og labad akong ulo. for 2 straight days na. last night, I took some wash cloth dampen it with cold water and put it on my head until i fall asleep. thats how tough it is for me. murag wa gianak sa tropical country no? hehehe