May 16, 2008

Thinking ahead

I just came home from work. I was so busy with mailing a lot of letters for a proposal that me and the director is working on. Hopefully we can have much results on it. Just glad for few days the boss didn't give me a hard time. The first day of this week, I was burn into flame with his attitude but for the remaining days he became soft at heart. I can still see how weak he is. It would show how he can't handle so much pressure. But so far I don't have issue at this time. My thinking of resigning is still on the process. I need to go first to take the employees orientation this coming Tuesday just the sake of it. I will not give them a surprise yet. I will do it for sure but just waiting for the right moment. I am sure by June that could be a good time.

It's not exciting to quit and find another job again. This could be the best decision for me to make and hopefully I can find something that I am looking for. I hope God will hear my prayers. I know I need a break from all the stress that I get from this job. I deserved to rest for awhile, enjoy my time and will move to push through to the next plan.


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Anonymous said...

Don't worry mareng, I know there's still a better job for us ahead. And, for sure you'll get one that you've been looking for. Just keep your faith, we'll reach them in time. Good luck to the both of us and God bless, of course!