May 17, 2008

Time to Shop

July is coming very near. I will attend my husband's niece Alicia for her wedding this July 4th. Amazing how she booked her date right on the very day of Independence? She’s a smart girl. She wants all of us to have the time so we can come to her wedding. This is already planned 2 years ago while Joe and I were preparing for our wedding. We made a promised to her that we will attend whatever date she wished to set for her own. I met Scott her fiancĂ© and both of them were at my bridal party. They're a good couple.

So today, hubby and I will find something to wear for the wedding. I know it's a bit early but who knows we might not get what we wanted today. It is better to shop early than to cram when the date is near. We will try to go to Palo Alto at Stand Ford Mall. It is a pricy little shopping mall. There’s one shop there that I am very interested to visit. I hope it is still there. I wanted to buy a dress that is simple, elegant and affordable. I can only wear dressy clothes at most times once so it is not very practical to buy the most lavish and pricy. It is not worth it. I know one thing, it is not on how much would it cost you to buy it but on how good it looks on you. I hope I can find it today just one stop.


lira said...

have fun shopping sis!

happy weekend!

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hi sis thanks for dropping by..

Lulu said...

shopping pud dai pawagtang sa stress hehehe

livin with me said...

I need to go shopping for a wedding at the end of June. Happy shopping!!

hazelicious929 said...

mao jud Roche, as long as you know how to handle yourself, ok na yan, hehehe


I was hoping I could get something today but unfortunately it was extremely expensive for me to buy and wear just one time. Will have to look tomorrow again. Cross finger, hope i can get it. thanks for the comments ladies.