June 8, 2008

Inspa Massage

I got home from a 45minutes massage. I had an an hour hoping to get more of the time but I failed to fully satisfy. It looks like the time wasn't consume. That's not so good, but I rated it plainly okay.

My husband and I both have our appointment at the same time. He had a deep tissue massage where I have a Swedish massage. We arrived on time, filled out the information sheet and followed the therapist in separate location. I was surprised to have a man in a massage taking care of a woman. It was very surprising to have it since I never have a moment to spare in a massage parlor or spa place to be taken care of a man. But, the good thing the man who took care of me was good looking. It's a plus point and not too manly. He did an okay job on my session. His technique is not as good as what I would have expected. I would say the body and soul place in Cebu where I used to have it is better than this Inspa. For accommodation and location wise, Inspa is an upscale massage place. I was expecting more of the place since it is located in Santana Row where there a lot of upscale people would come by and use their service. Anyway, in general it just an okay place. Safe to go, nice location and you could relax in a bit of your time.

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