June 5, 2008

Tiring Days

I got so tired yesterday with the work load. Liz took her personal off so it was less manpower. It drained my energy. In addition to the load, there were donors pissing my day. But I controlled myself, let go the worst feeling forget about it and didn't take it personally. The minute I walked in to the house I had to do all the chores and tired me more. I just checked my email for minutes, had dinner with hubby and fell to sleep on the couch with slightly open mouth. Sounds funny isn't it. I made me smile when I felt I did that. It was because I got tired from the days work.

Today, I was busy in the afternoon doing my schedule. It took me awhile to do it because I was joggling the phones and my concentration was interrupted. I just made 1 week schedule. I talked to my boss at his office and we did wrap up 2 weeks. He thanked me for the job well done and my thoughts. I feel good at it.

I was glad today to my outlook buddies who made my day. I was bored a bit early part of the day and I sent them email. They replied me back with a delighted response. I had gone to the day a light feeling from them. If I had not, receiving so much hang ups with donors today would not made me gone the day. Also after work, I met Myrabel and we hang out at Valley fair. It took my stress away. I was glad she invited me for a walk.

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