July 17, 2008

Another day of Headache

Though the East Coast for the past 2 weeks was humid and hot, not even a day I had a migraine. Just a day alone working yesterday, after I got out from work I had a severe headache. I can't read not hurting though my vision was alright. I had to make a quick stop while I was chatting with friends because it was painfully hurting. Hubby knew how I felt and he told me to close my laptop, don't strain my eyes and just closed it with the duration of that evening. I didn't able to check what I supposed to check on emails because that just how bad it was. But today was fine, though I got a slight ache from the bad air in the office. Lucky that it didn't last all day and able to got some fresh air afterwards. I will still not going to strain my eyes tonight since I already been on the pc for almost 9hours at work. Until next post!

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