July 19, 2008

New Video Site

I love making videos, creating something from out of an ordinary capture scene is a challenge for me. But my time at work and personal things at home, my passion has been neglected in some ways. So I just like to browse now at my spare time. I love to see people who themselves are very imaginative. I visited today Viddiction.com. There are so many videos that people uploaded. I come across my friend Felicity who uploaded her video entitled How To: Sketch/Draw A Nude Lady. I maybe a bias but one thing I am sure of that this lady who made that video is very talented. Not because she’s my friend but she really has some talent, intelligent, friendly and very helpful. The video she made is my favorite. I don’t have the talent to sketch, but every time I see people who got some skills I surely do appreciate them. Not many have that gift and in a ratio of 100 I would say there are only 10 of them.

Got some talent, want to expose yourself of making creative videos? Register at http://www.viddiction.com. Whoever wins the monthly competition will get cash for videos made. You can win $50 up to $500. For more information visit the site.

Sponsored by Viddiction

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