October 2, 2008

Change staff

Monday morning I came to work with a heavy feeling. I thought I could have a help from our newly employee Kim but my boss called me and told me she’s not working because she got a pinky eye. That’s a bummer. She had just her recent trip from southern California and now telling us that she’s sick. The agency called and told me that she got a fever. What kind of a statement is that? Who’s telling the truth? Before I spoke with her agency, my boss told me that she’s out. He got so much on her already. Deep inside I am happy because finally she will be out in the office.

Tuesday morning, I worked thinking that this could be a tough day for me since I will just be working alone. Kim showed up. I was surprised. My boss came after her and he was surprised as well. She came to her cube and after my boss talked to her in his office. Right then, I heard a very familiar screaming voice from her and blurting out how pissed she was holding a phone and I would assumed she talked with the agency people and after talked to her mom to picked her up.

I don’t know how to react that very instant but I felt pity on her part since the agency didn’t tell her the condition of her work status. I just didn’t mind it so I just continued what I was doing while later my boss approached me and said sorry about what happened. He never meant to let me see that situation. It was really a pity sight to have an employee fired. After few hours, Daniela came. She’s from the agency too. She didn’t know what happen. All she knew she was instructed to be at work today. It’s a fast change of event that day. My mind was twisted while joggling the phone and my deadlines.

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