October 3, 2008

Off from Work

Every third Friday in my company we have this alternating off. So today is my day. It's really a good way they have it planned. Instead of working 37.5 a week, we accumulate the hours we missed and altogether take it in one day. It's a good idea. At first I was thinking it is so bad because I can't get to work full time. Now I realized with my work, it's definitely a plus because I can get to relax more although I am not paid on that day. Still, it's worth it. Health is more important than money.

The last off I was with Ji-ann. Now I will going to see Ji-ann again. We talked on the phone and she will get me at 11am. We will have some lunch and also Judith will be there too. It will be much more fun hanging out with this two spontaneous friends. See you in a couple of hours and will let you know how our day has been.

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