October 19, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The weather is a bit chilly today. I don't feel like going out. I just feel being comfortable here at home watch tv and spending time with hubby. I also need to catch up with my online site to write something for money. How nice could that be right? Just to write your thoughts and someone will pay what you love doing. It's my pleasure to do it. I have some couple of Op that I already missed days ago since I was so busy and no time for it. Today I just need to watch all the Op and try to write something. It's a part time job that is good when you need some money to spend other things. The good thing too, you don't need to be in the office to do it. Just use your computer and you are ready to work on it. Anyway, I need to look for Op now.


Bill said...

You should live in Arizona it has been around 98 here LoL


nah I can't live with too hot either eheheh! i like the weather here in the bay. not too hot not too cold.