October 19, 2008

Local Search Engine

Local.com is a search engine site. I used this often. I started using this when it was introduced to me by one of my immediate supervisor at work. I was instructed to do some local research on businesses that are running in our area. She just told me to use this site and I could start from there. She mentioned that it is like using local yellowpages. I can search lots of businesses from local restaurants, stores and others which I am fond of doing. I assumed that it could be easy rather than using the big heavy phone book. I did what was instructed of me. I finished my task fast. Later on, I was appraised for the speed on my work and the number of data’s I got. The site was just too convenient I got all the information I needed.

To tell you in details what I did, I just typed in dry cleaners and city at the search sections. In my research I just need the address, phone numbers of each company and the hours of operations. It right away shows results. It was so fast I don’t have to wait. When you click on the name of the business it will direct you to its profile page and will show you details of their operation. It has a customer reviews too which give further information on how the businesses are running. I was pretty happy with how convenient it was for me to work on it.

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