October 20, 2008

Mean People

Today at work was kind of hard for me and my other co-worker. The donors were pretty mean and rude to us. One phone call in the morning, Daniella was screaming of anger on how she was treated. I got a call from Salinas. It was a guy on the other line. He was trying to make a schedule for pick up. I explained nicely that the area he lives at we don't do any special pick up. He questioned on the mailer card we sent. I gave my best response to that question but he didn't seemed to understand that we just don't pick up certain areas. He demanded to speak to my supervisor but I didn't let him because I wanted to solved the problem right there and then. But he was so mean he asked my full name. I don't like giving names but for his pleasure I gave it to him. I asked for his phone number so I could let my supervisor talked to him he doesn't want to and said something stupid I have ever heard from the time I started working with the company. He said that "why is it hard to arrange a pick up for the F****** donations?" My blood rose up. I was breathing faster and I was so upset with that. I have never heard anyone speaking with that language especially if your intension is to donate. I could visualize right there that his donations could be a crap too. If his manners is so bad, his things could represent him as well. He hang up on me and I was so mad at it. I talked to Liz and she said things to settle me down. If not with the people who care so much to me at work, I won't survive holding my grip to say bad things as well. But I have respect to people and I wont tolerate people like that.

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