October 18, 2008

Vanessa's Birthday

Jen my friend from Pleasanton sent me an invitation a week ago for her daughter's 2nd birthday. I talked to hubby yesterday to follow up if he wanted to go and he said yes. I am excited to see Jen again and see her new place. I went around to buy a gift when I got off from work and wrapped the gifts for the baby.

Earlier today, hubby told me to give Jen a message that we will be coming so I sent her through yahoo, friendster and called her to make sure that she knew. We arrived 2:30pm. Steve and the new baby Spencer was outside when we parked across to their beautiful house. He greeted and acknowledge our presence and show us the way to the basement while holding and taking care of the baby. Their house is big and it's beautiful inside with it's interior design and layout. When I walked in, I saw the table of food and the lechon too. I saw Reyn and her kids outside while Jen was preparing the drinks. I greeted her and she was happy to see me and Joey. A few minutes, we ate and I had a good share of the lechon. It was good. The party was nice and the presence of the clown and the kids laughter made it memorable for Vanessa.

Jen and her friend from Castro with Reyn, Baby Corrine and meFace Painting - The Clown and Daniela

The Birthday girl playing with her dog shaped balloon.

The Cake from Goldilocks

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