January 18, 2009

I'm Home

I just arrived from a short trip. My husband and I went to Lake Tahoe. We stayed at Blue Lake Inn just a distant away from the Heavenly Gondola. I didn't visit the area except the Harrah's. We went more with sight seeing up to the North Lake Tahoe. I brought with me the camera and able to used my new lens. It was quite an experience taking long shots and I am no way an expert in using it but it was a wonderful experience to take long distance panoramic view. It was magnificent to be able to get what I want. If only it wasn't so much cold, I could have stayed one place and took more shots but the weather just numbed me so it was quite a rush to get myself warmed. Anyway, the experience was absolutely wonderful.

To satisfy my taste bud, I had tried the Forest Buffet at the Harrah's. It was quite a long wait. It probably more than an hour or to be near exact it could be like 1 hour and 30 minutes or could be less. It was such a long wait. The time I stood in the line I wasn't hungry but when I was on the sign at 25minutes wait, my stomach started to grumble. Though it was quite a wait, the food was delicious. It wasn't a bad idea to be patient and tasted what my mouth could explore.
Today, my husband droved to the Emerald bay park. It was so beautiful and the view was perfect. I love going up there. It was sunny and it was cold. The warmth of the sun helped us to get comfortable. Still my hands got numbed. I had took several pictures of the surrounding. I will post later when I can finish uploading the many pictures I took from the trip.

I am kind of tired but I am not as tired like my hubby. I appreciated the effort of him driving it all the way. His the best. We will plan another trip again but a long drive will not be a plan anymore. It could mean then to take a short flight by air.


Hazelicious929 said...

it would be nice to go there some time girl. The view is really nice plus I am sure that there are a lot of things to do.

At least Joey drove all the way back and forth hehehe

SEDONA said...

just visiting.hope u visit me back too.