January 10, 2009


Since I started working everyday from M-F I droved to work 20 minutes before 8am. The distance to my house to work is just 4 miles away. Due to the many traffic lights and stops along the way I had to put an allowance on the time. I am very diligent working early. The 18months I been doing this, not a chance where I was late. Too lucky that I work very close to home.

Yesterday, it was foggy. It was a bit heavier than my previous experience. I left the house 7:42am walked to the driveway and went to the car. It was misty so I wiped with bare hands both the driver and passenger side mirror and get inside. I turned on the engine wiped my rear window and front. I waited few minutes to heat up the engine. Then droved. I was scared a little to drove when I couldn't see too far. I slowed my driving to be very cautious. Other drivers did the same thing. While I was in my seat, it refreshed to memory how my husband taught me to drive safe in that kind of weather condition. I was glad I had remembered what he told me so I felt better steering the wheels on my car. The winter this year was so colder than the first year I started working. With the fog coming in, it is really better to get extra careful and watch other drivers who are driving fast in that condition.

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Hazelicious929 said...

I don't want to be late too girl, I am always on time, even when I am still studying, I was never late in school

You did a good job for keeping a very punctual record hehehe