January 22, 2009

Not doing good here

I used to write everyday and when chance drives me by in a day I grabbed my laptop and tickling my fingers over the keyboard. These few weeks or maybe it has been happening for the last few months that my post are starting to decrease. At most times, it's my work drained my head. I work most of the time using the computer and using it at home just kills my eyes. Glad that for some time now I didn't get headaches. I hope it will not reborn in my system. I believe I am handling better the stress I get from work no matter how harsh the day sometimes. I know working there is just temporary. I am holding the benefit that I get and the experience I learned. It is a blessing to be able to work, get paid and gain new skills.

I will try my best to visit my friends site here and extend some greetings too. I am very disappointed not doing any good about it. I have lots of task to do from tags that I received. I know one day I can work on it. I hope to my friends out there and for other readers, I hope you will be patient enough. There will be a day when I get back rolling lots of posts again and get on track writing paid blogs. I missed a lot of OP's and it just ain't right not doing it. To my friends, bloggers, and unknown readers promise I will visiting you soon.

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D said...

hi ROche, kasabot gyud ko nimo. My posts are decreasing too. There are really moments when I get lazy blogging. But I'm sure people understand. Sige lang, just do the best that you can and try to balance things as much as you can. =)