January 26, 2009

4th tag Edition

I got this tag from a newly friend Donabel. I haven't seen her in person but we at most times chat. There are a couple of things and life experiences we are both alike. I am glad that my friend Hazel introduced me to her. She just lives close by and one of these I will pay her a visit so she can vent some more to me. LOL! Donabel, thanks for being there and hopefully we can get along pretty well.

1. 4 things to munch on: chocolates! with skin hypersensitivity try to avoid eating this except cheetos!
can't resist this

crunchy and puffy cheetos!

Chocolate oreo cookies - yummy

old time favorite

2. 4 Favorite places to go and why?

city of lights and romance France, want to see how sparkling the Eiffel Tower at night
city of love and magnificent architecture, Italy Rome

one of the best beach in the world the Bahamas!

full of historical artifacts, Great Wall of China

3. 4 things that come up when I google my name:
4 things came up with Roche pharmaceuticals so I used the other site following not connected with Medicine. the remaining pictures are just amazing, one of them I already visited.


recording artists

Vineyard - I came to this place 2 yrs ago and had captured the signage in Sonoma CA.

cooking school - i didnt know about this, good to know about it.


D said...

Hehe napost na gyud nimo ang tag sis! Thank you!=) Wow ha, bongga imong name, vineyard man gyud. Ang ako construction company. hehehe Yep, visit lang unya diri kung dili ka busy ha? Or call me up. Pwede pud that I will call you, I have your number naman. Chat lang ta puhon sa YM. Thanks for being there for me!

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello girl! naka post na jud ka ani, maayo dili ka busy... na miss na nako ang update nimo diri oi. I love chips ahoy and oreo, hehehe