February 1, 2009

Incline Village, N Lake Tahoe

It was my second trip to Lake Tahoe. It's a 4.5 hours drive. My husband and I were excited to do the road trip again. We had a long weekend that week middle of January so we grabbed the chance to relax and just be stress free up there.

I had booked the hotel Friday morning and arrived at the hotel 11pm. It was much longer drive than expected. The traffic at the Alameda county was lagging our time but it was not as stressful. We just talked and talked while sitting on the traffic which was much an easier drive. Our dinner was spent at Popeye's while we were on the road but I love their chicken so it's not a big deal not eating in a much better restaurant. I just can't turned down Popeye's. One of my favorite place for chicken though I know I should not be eating it.

Our first spot the following day was the Incline Village at North Lake Tahoe. As I've heard stories that the area there was more like an upscale society. Sitting in a country side with a picturesque beauty of nature like the lake and mountain landscape. No wonder it's the place for the people who has lots of money. We went there riding in a zigzag road and had stopped to this place.

I used my new lens the Nikon 55-200 with this picture. The birthday gift I received from hubby. I am so happy with the outcome because I can really take the scene without washing out the whole view. It is so nice to have a better camera which I am so grateful.


Hazelicious929 said...

Hello girl! it is really nice. I would love to visit lake tahoe someday.

Nice picture kanang naa sa beach with the sunset... I love the chicken at Popeye's too

belle said...

wow, the pictures are fantastic! nice camera gyud oi.. :)


Hello Haze,

It was really nice up there. The landscape were magnificient.daghan ta ma rememberan. anyway, someday maka adto jud ka. kamo pa duha ni fafa winn for sure kaya oi.


Hi Belle,

Thanks for the visit. as in dugay ta wala na chika no. sowe oi limot sad diay ko drop by nimo wa na jud tiguwang nako ani.

bitaw im glad i have the camera jud kay ma enhance jud ang picture. ikaw puhon mkapalit jud ka. na kaya ra kay na nimo.